Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shadows of a Dark-Alley Adoptee: Poetry by Ohio adoptee Wendy Blitzer Barkett

Columbus-born adoptee Wendy Blitzer Barkett has just published a new book of poetry:  Shadows of a Dark- Alley Adoptee: An Adoptee's Search for Self.

Wendy's"official" search for her mother Dottye Robertson Moore, and her own history, began when she was18  (and like many of us started "unofficially" much earlier) and continues.  Dottye herself was adopted and died in a traffic accident in 1973,  making things  more complicated.  Wendy's  search has taken her on several cross-country trips, and has been covered b the Columbus Dispatch and Fox Channel 5 in Las Vegas

You can read about Wendy's incredible and frustrating search, now in its third decade at Remembering Dottye.

Shadows of a Dark Alley Adoptee is available on I'm ordering one.

Support adoptees!  Support Ohio adoptees!

Did you know Dottye?
If you have any information about Dottye or Wendy's unknown father contact Wendy at


  1. Wow!! Can not thank you enough for your support! Here's to hope!!

  2. Take a DNA test and throw it into a couple of sites: and 23andMe. These are the 2 we used to find the paternal line of my husbands cousin. We found the surname. Next we contact the family.

    1. Thank you for the idea. I am with 23andme as well as Familytreedna. So far my results have not been any closer then 4th generational matches.